/table centrepiece

Manzanita Trees
(for hire)

​​White manzanita trees decorated with flowers in your choice of colour with either pearls or crystals draped around the branches.


The table will be scattered with crystals or petals and table numbers or names can be pinned on the tree.



Glass Fish Bowl
  (for hire or to keep)

​​Each fishbowl will be filled with white crystal gems and a single flower head to your chosen flower & colour.


If you want to be more adventurous and different, the fish bowls can be painted to the same design as your glass favours (these fishbowls you keep).


Crystal scatters with coloured gems will be scattered around the 'bowl' on the table.



Rose Cloche
  (for hire)

​​Each rose will be bought fresh and can be dyed to the colour of your choice (permitting it is available).

Normal coloured roses can be used too and will be purchased by us.


Co-ordinated crystal scatters will be scattered around table.

Wine Glasses
  (for hire)

​​Each wine glass can be hand designed or used as plain.  The rose heads will be fresh and any colour can be used (permitting availability at the time)


Co-ordinated crystal scatters will be scattered around table.

Rustic Jars
  (for hire)

​​Each centrepiece will consist of 3 various size jars.  The jars are all hand designed, so no 3 jars will be the same.

Any faux flowers and colour can be used (permitting availability at the time).


Co-ordinated crystal scatters or petals will be scattered around table.

Table decorating service

​​If you have bought your table decorations but do not want the hassle and stress of setting up on the day of your wedding, then we can help.


We can arrive at the venue and set up your table decorations to make the room how you would like it.