The products featured here are focused on the Special Day each couple decide to go through, the Wedding!  As we all want our special day to be special, the bride to be perfect, the groom to be sober, the decorations immaculate, we would like your day to be memorable and different.

The more unusual and different your day can be, the more memorable it will stay for you and your guests, so, we have come up with a very unforgettable product, Hand-painted Glass Favours.  The glasses shown can be used as Wedding favours and table place names.  The bases of each glass will be painted WHITE to signify the Wedding (unless you have sepcifically chosen a different colour) and the chosen pattern will represent the Bride's colour scheme.



Product details


 ~ The glasses can be chosen from any of the collection featured on our website. 
 ~ All glassware are hand-painted freehand, no stencils are used (unless otherwise stated).

 ~ Names are hand written. 

The cost for each glass, including delivery & set-up is £2.00 each

(minimum order of 20)