LittleMissThingz Ltd



The Birth of LittleMissThingz


The idea of hand-painting ordinary glassware came about when a friend bought me one from a very famous UK store, as a birthday present.  Having studied it for a few weeks ideas came into my head and decided to explore on the web how and where to purchase paint and what type to use.  Most of the people who know me have always said that I am creative and always have great ideas, so I purchased my first set of glasses, paints and brushes, went home and got painting.  At first it was difficult as my idea was to paint free hand and not use any kind of stencils.  My first design was the Tulips, then ideas started to appear and the next thing I knew I had built up several designs.                       


I had really enjoyed painting the glasses and was really getting into it, for several years I have always thought of owning my own business but never knew what to do.  I have been a Body Shop Party Consultant and Avon for that matter, but I never felt it was enough, until now!  I have worked in the retail industry since I was 16 with a slight break for 3 years as I worked as an Office Assistant, then had my first child and moved to Bristol.  Once again I found myself working in the retail industry and worked for the same company for 15 years.  At 2014, I decided to change my work environment, so applied for a place in a stationery store.  


The thought of running my own business became even more exciting, which meant working less hours as a Sales Associate and having more time painting.  My husband and my 2 children thought this was a good idea and my son told me that in a few years maybe I can get an Audi R8.  Well, in 2015 I purchased a Porsche Cayenne.


The company was registered at Company's House on October 1st 2010 and was trading at Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke. 


 Now, I have expanded the business and have used the glasses as Wedding Favours/Place names and have become a Wedding Stationer and Venue Dresser.


Arlene xx